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This is Falk Schulkowski, Principal Engineer Engine Design at Toyota Motorsport GmbH, who has spent recent years creating the 1-6litre Global Race Engine which is used in the Yaris WRC rally car.

There’s nothing more that Falk enjoys than a blank sheet of paper from which to develop new ideas. He has been working at TMG since 1999 and he cites the company as the biggest influence on his career.

His latest project, he says, is his proudest achievement, so let’s find out more… 


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Fact File

Name: Falk Schulkowski

Nationality: German

Age: 44

Working at TMG since February 19999

Falk, what is your role at TMG?

Nowadays, I am more involved in the function of head of design, so there are several meetings each day during which we discuss a number of things we would like to develop. We also discuss problems that arise to develop things further whether on the development side or even on the dyno or track when we are testing with the car. There are several budget discussion meetings and management meetings to follow up the projects, so there are lots of meetings compared to my previous roles but still plenty of engineering involved!


How would you describe your work in three words or phrases?

For me the three are: team spirit, passion and technical freedom. The fact that we have everything under one roof from a technical and engineering point of view is great because we have a lot of freedom, and this is really quite nice. We are designing, manufacturing, testing, we are doing everything under one roof – and that’s fantastic.

What projects are your most proud of at TMG?

My proudest achievement I have to say is the Global Race Engine, as I started to work from scratch to influence the design and to give ideas to see how this engine was able to grow and develop. Later, it was also a proud moment to see this engine for the first time on the dyno and to hear the first sound and see it come alive.

What’s the most exciting part of working at TMG?

This is honestly for me, as an engineer, one of the best moment imaginable because the GRE is a complete new engine. So in this case there was nothing, only the regulation, and then we could start to think about the best solution for this kind of engine. We had a lot of discussions to try to find the best solutions, the best compromise. This is always quite nice because it’s something you can put on a kind of stamp on, to say this is part of your life or there is part of your person in this engine. For an engineer, it’s fantastic.

Who was your biggest influence in your engineering career?

The biggest influence in my career really is TMG because TMG gave me the opportunity to work on F1 engines and this something that is quite special for an engineer. So when I started studying or had my first work experience I never expected to reach that sort of motorsport level. This has definitely been the biggest influence and the biggest moment in my life. 


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