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This is Shiko Ehara, Principle Engineer Engine R&D at TMG. Shiko first worked at TMG during the early days of the company’s F1 programme but he rejoined in 2011. Motorsport is not only confined to the walls of the TMG factory for Shiko, as he also races himself as part of the unique TMG United scheme which sees employees encouraged to take part in races at the Nürburgring.

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Fact File

Name: Shiko Ehara

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 40

Working at TMG since: 2011

Shiko, what is your role at TMG?

I am an Engine Engineer, working in the Engine Department, Research and Development. Half of my work is motorsport and the rest is for road car development. There are people who build the engine and there are those who design the test pieces, so my task is to co-ordinate all of this and bring the engine to the dyno and actually run the engine to acquire the data. I could be considered as a technical interface between TMG and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) because we are doing a lot of the research activities for Toyota Engine Development. It is always easier to have somebody who knows how the developments are going at TMC and here.

How would you describe your work in three words?

I would describe TMG in three words as “An Engineer’s Playground”. Not necessarily like playing around, but it’s like a playground! It’s a really nice place to work here.

What is TMG United?

TMG United started in 2013 and it has also continued since then. Basically, the company gives the employee the opportunity to participate in the VLN series. VLN is the series racing at the Nürburgring and the company prepared one GT86 CS-V3 car and whoever wants to join the team can participate.

How is your role different now compared to your previous TMG role?

I had an opportunity to come to TMG to join for about two years to do Formula One. During this time, I really felt happy working here and I wanted to come back again. After Formula 1, there was an opportunity to come back again as in sort of an interface between Toyota Motor Corporation and TMG.

What has been your favourite project here at TMG?

Currently I’m working quite a bit with the GT86 which is one of the grass roots motorsports. This is my favourite I would say, because it’s not a high level motorsport, but it’s also very close to what I would do as a hobby. And when you’re doing a hobby seriously, you end up doing something like this. It’s quite a lot of fun.

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