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This is Silke Kruessen, Senior Systems Engineer within the Electronics Department at Toyota Motorsport GmbH. Silke has been working at TMG since 2011. From electric hill climb records at Pikes Peak to rallying, it’s the variety of the job that keeps Silke so content in her role at TMG. Nothing makes her happier than hearing a new car roar to life for the first time…

Fact File

Name: Silke Kruessen

Nationality: German

Age: 31

Working at TMG since February 2011

Silke YouTube

Silke, what is your role at TMG?

I am a Systems Engineer within the Electronics Department, so this means I deal with car systems, electronics, electrics, and all the sensors you have on the car.

Describe a typical day for you at TMG.

My typical day is not typical at all! It would depend on the stages of the project obviously, so if we are in the car preparation phase, the planning phase, planning electric looms or could be testing components, you have the car build-up phase where you look after the car build up, help the electricians set up the car and then afterwards you have tests and races where you go and look after all the car equipment and the off-car equipment as well. So everything you have in the garages to basically get and store your data from the car.

What projects are your most proud of at TMG?

The proudest personal achievement was in 2012 when we entered the Pikes Peak Hillclimb with an all EV car and we managed to win the electrical class. This was a purely amazing experience and a great achievement for the team and for the company I think.

Who has been the greatest influence on you personally?

I would say my biggest influence was actually a mentor I met during my internship; he set me on the right direction and basically told me that I can work in motorsport professionally if I really wanted to.

How would you describe your work in three words?

My three words would be: variety, challenge and fun. You always work on a variety of different projects here, you have different tasks to do. It’s always challenging, always to the last minute but it’s mostly fun to do.

What has been your favourite project to work on?

So my favourite project at TMG is probably the project I’m currently working on which is a rally project and it’s my favourite because it started after I started to work here so I’ve been involved right from the beginning and now we have a car and we are testing it and it’s been really good so far.

What is the most exciting thing about working here at TMG?

Simply the most exciting thing is when you put a new car together and the engine starts for the first time; it’s really loud and it’s really exciting to see the car come to life. 





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