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This is Cyrille Jourdan, Principal Engineer Chassis R&D at Toyota Motorsport GmbH. Cyrille is no stranger to TMG, having played a key role in the team’s Formula 1 programme. After a few years away, the Frenchman returned to the company at the start of 2014 to focus on an exciting new project – the Yaris WRC rally car. He is a true family man and has brought them back to live in Cologne.

Fact File

Name: Cyrille Jourdan

Nationality: French

Working at TMG since the start of 2014

Cyrille, what is your role at TMG?

My job here at TMG is related to a rally project which is starting and I’m the engineer mainly responsible for track activities and R&D projects.

What is a typical day for you at TMG?

There is not a single typical day because some days are in the office and some days are at the track but basically the work is about getting the car together. That means working with the mechanics here at the workshop, making sure we have the proper specification. Working at a test is more about the performance and analysis of the performance of the car.

How would you describe your work in three words?

If I had to summarise TMG in three words I would say passion, technology and multi-cultural.

What does engineering mean to you?

Engineering for me is mainly about analysis but also about creating something. It means trying always to build something which is new or which has not been done by another team or somebody else because otherwise technology remains at the same level.

Where have you come from to join TMG?

After university I already started working for the Formula 1 team so it was already a dream come true for me. I worked in F1 for about six years and then I had eight years rally experience as well in France so now I am back at TMG to develop this rally passion or to build up this passion which is already in our DNA.

What is your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is probably on a personal side, which is my family and it’s funny now to see my kids especially the boys being very enthusiastic about cars and racing.

Who has been the greatest influence on you personally?

I have been inspired by the racing environment for sure. From a very young age, watching the races on TV makes you feel you want to be part of this world and there are some key engineers that are known to many people like Colin Chapman, who I have looked up to.

What engineering innovation have you been part of in your time at TMG?

For me the most exciting thing is to start again with rally and to see how people are still passionate about rally. Even though we are running in LMP1 there are still a lot of people that are very happy to work on rally. So for me that’s a very nice thing that we start again from zero but we know that everybody will be pushing very hard.





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