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For  our  Electric/Electronics  Department  we  are  currently  seeking  an
Engineer Electrical Systemsfor prototypeor racing cars driven by combustion engine, hybrid or full Electrical Vehicle (EV) systems.In this  role  you will
have  direct  involvement  in  projects  that  will  include  the  design  of  harnesses  using  a number  of  software  tools,  the  specification  and  selection  of  electrical  components  including
sensors, actuators and connectors. Furthermore you will be required to carry out circuit fault finding and analysis as well as providing hands on support of vehicle build and testing.


The successful candidate will:

have a degree in electric or electronic engineering

have direct relevant working experiencein the motorsport / automotive area

be familiar with electrical system development, routing and harnessing design

have experience with electrical cables, connectors, automotive sensors and actuators

be a team player who demonstrates a responsible, analytical and creative working style with solid project management capabilities, good interpersonal skills and a flexible approach to working hours including willingness to travel as well as the ability to deliver high quality to tight deadlines



If you believe you possess the appropriate qualifications and experience, please send an English CV along with a covering letter to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


TOYOTA MOTORSPORT GmbH, Human Resources, Toyota-Allee 7, 50858, Köln, Germany