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04 May 2011

Iconic tracks and a new range of vehicle models are combining to enhance the driving simulator at Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG), already one of the most advanced on the open market.

The TMG driving simulator now includes accurate reproductions of the Circuit de la Sarthe at Le Mans and the full Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Hockenheim Grand Prix lay-out and night racing at Marina Bay Circuit in Singapore have also been added to expand TMG’s circuit list to include the majority of F1 venues.

This unique selection of circuits allows TMG clients to experience challenging tracks such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife in completely safe and repeatable conditions, or gain valuable practice at venues such as Le Mans or Marina Bay where private track testing is impossible.

Originally developed exclusively for TMG as a Formula 1 engineering tool, the driving simulator has been further upgraded to feature four distinct virtual vehicle models, with F1, GP2, Super GT and Le Mans Prototype car behaviour now faithfully recreated.

All circuits are created using precise laser mapping, which defines the track surface with an average point spacing of 0.2mm and height accuracy to less than 1mm.

The high-resolution, 220° wraparound screen reproduces every aspect of these legendary circuits, including kerb angles, track surface inconsistencies and external factors such as accurate scenery and sponsor branding.

Using hardware-in-the-loop technology, TMG’s driving simulator allows drivers to hone their skills in a realistic environment which is so precise that, for example, it recreates wheel-hop frequency at all racing speeds, while engineers can experiment with set-up changes and receive immediate driver evaluation.

An accurate tyre model includes thermal effects which allows precise modelling of balance variation around a lap with special modes developed for complete repeatability between laps, guaranteeing like-for-like set-up comparisons.

To complete the experience and simulate the sensation of racing, TMG’s driving simulator features a full-size car body, either formula-style or closed-cockpit vehicle, mounted to an electro-hydraulic motion platform with six degrees of freedom.

TMG offers individually-tailored packages for use of the driving simulator with a variety of additional options, including full race engineer support and comprehensive data analysis.  For a full list of simulated circuits, and detailed specifications of the TMG driving simulator, please visit here.





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