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Last but not least, the third part of our ´'Volunteers in Le Mans' story - we've spoken to Nina, our HR specialist.

What are you usually doing at TMG

- I’m working in the HR department as HR specialist and my main task is the support of and consultancy for TMG employees in terms of all HR related issues as well as the whole recruitment processes.

What was your purpose to go to Le Mans as a volunteer?

- I’m actually very interested in motorsport in general. In my free time I’m joining the VLN races at the Nürburgring as team member of our TMG United team. I know the Nürburgring 24 Hours and I’ve often heard from Le Mans and that the Le Mans 24 Hours is a highlight for everybody. So I was really interested in going there on my own to see what’s going on there and why it’s so special for everyone.

Do you see your job of recruiting personnel, especially mechanics, now in a different way?

- I think it helps definitely, especially to see the team working at Le Mans and to have a feeling for what the team spirit is, in the sense of what kind of personalities we’re looking for. I think we have really good mechanics and we’re able to recruit good ones but it’s important to get that really special feeling about who could fit into the team. I think therefore it was good to see them in their working environment outside TMG – especially at Le Mans where everything is even more exhausting and on the edge.

How was your experience now? How “special” was it for you?

- It was just amazing. It was a really good experience and now I can understand why it is so unique for everybody to go to Le Mans. It’s one race every year and everybody is working so hard for it. It feels like this is THE race. So yeah, it was great to be there and to be part of the team.

Do you like the idea that TMG recruits volunteers for a race like Le Mans?

- I think it’s great to experience that; being at the race track is another kind of work than in the office and if the people like motorsports then it will be special for them. For example last year I watched Le Mans from home and of course I wanted us to win. But it is not the same feeling of really being part of it. If you’re at the track, working long, being exhausted as well and trying to make this event happen as a part of it, then it’s something special. It’s totally different - being there and being part of the team or staying at home and just watching on TV as the team is working and fighting to win. And it’s another motivation as well.

As a hostess you had to watch who is coming in the team hospitality and as well as taking care of the team; how was that?

- Well on the one hand to see the team working and the team participating over there, talking with them about their experiences and how the progress is was really good, but also to have the experience of the fans in Le Mans was amazing. They’re standing outside the hospitality and want to see the drivers and the team members. They were so enthusiastic and happy about the giveaways for example. That was really great to see, especially during the drivers’ parade, where I helped out as well. Now I know that we have a lot of great fans in Le Mans.






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