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Project STILLE successfully launched

13 international partners collaborate to give recommendations for interoperable inductive charging systems

International standardization in the field of inductive charging has been on the agenda for several years. It is the aim, to develop standards as framework, to enable technical interoperability of inductive charging systems. As a result, every electric vehicle, regardless of the manufacturer, could charge at every wireless charging system in the future. To concentrate the standardization efforts in the area of inductive charging and to provide targeted support of the development of an interoperable standard, 13 international partners and further associated partners from the automotive and supplier industry as well as from the field of science work jointly on the project STILLE – Standardization of inductive charging systems in different power classes. The project is part of the funding program “Elektro Power II”, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Within STILLE existing proposals for standardization are going to be technical validated and evaluated concerning their interoperability to derive common recommendations. During the term from May 2016 to December 2018 the project results will be forwarded continuously to the national and international standardization bodies and thereby push the definition of the interoperability conditions of inductive charging systems decisively forward.

From the automobile manufacturers Audi AG, BMW AG, Daimler AG, Toyota Motorsport GmbH and Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA are involved. As suppliers Robert BOSCH GmbH, Continental, Qualcomm, TÜV SÜD AG and WiTricity are partners of STILLE. From a scientific point of view the RWTH University of Aachen with the institute ika, the Technical University Braunschweig with the institute IMAB and the Zeppelin University are taking part in the project. The coordinator of STILLE is P3 Automotive, an affiliate of the consulting company P3 Group from Aachen.

The aim of STILLE is, to compile recommendations for the definition of interoperable wireless charging systems to finalize the international standardization in 2017/18 and to enable the availability of interoperable wireless charging systems in the market from 2020 on. In total, there are eight work packages that address the power transfer as well as further interfaces that are relevant for interoperability: communication and positioning. These aspects will be examined in practical tests to develop a holistic recommendation. Furthermore, potential business models for inductive charging will be researched and the establishing of a European test and certification platform will be pursued.As a first step, power classes up to 7,7 kW will be considered. For the power transfer within this scope there is going to be a first recommendation by STILLE by the end of 2016. During the course of the project there will be further examinations in power levels up to 22 kW. By the structure of the STILLE consortium it is ensured, that the interests of the automobile manufacturers as well as the interests of the system suppliers are considered during the joined project work. Recommendations for international standardization can be put on a broad base, especially through the participation of principal European, Japanese and US companies. The participation of renowned universities with a technical focus, which enrich the consortium with additional independent expertise, ensures the consideration of associated issues from research and science.





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