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We love everything about Christmas: the extended family time, the chance to spend time with friends and the excitement of finally giving out the gifts. For TMG employees the year ended in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. We found ourselves getting very excited about the chance to spend some time with our colleagues on TMG’s traditional Christmas market which was set up again within the company grounds offering tasty glühwein, cocktails and snacks.

Our employees and their families joined together in the evening of December 15 to celebrate the end of the year. And they were not alone; our WEC drivers joined the occasion and provided one of the highlights when they participated in an autograph session. This year’s session was even more popular, with many children taking the chance to snag one of TMGs cute WEC teddy bears.

Those interested in TMG's history had the chance to get lost in our museum. A place to let the heart beat faster, for big kids and little kids alike! While the grown-ups enjoyed one or two glasses of wine at the Christmas market stalls, the younger guests chose from a variety of entertainment opportunities in the truck hall. A bike slot car track, jumbo table football and rodeo ride were just some of the few things keeping them busy.


"The party was again extraordinary. Especially the children’s entertainment was amazing," said one guest. Even Father Christmas visited the celebration to spread some good will.

To capture the atmosphere of a special evening, a photo box in form of an old VW bus was present, although there were plenty of amusing snapshots taken on smartphones elsewhere during the evening.

The celebration is always a special highlight of the year; a happy gathering of colleagues and families, from top management and drivers to the entire workforce. It brings enjoyment, fulfillment and a chance to be ourselves. Jerome said: “I really enjoyed to visit the TMG Christmas party. It is a nice chance to meet many TMG colleagues in a relaxed environment, where we can get to know each other better. Of course, we speak a lot about motorsport because this is our passion, but mostly we do not discuss directly about work - it is just a fun time with friends and colleagues. I appreciate that TMG offers this opportunity because it creates a nice family feeling at the end of a long season.”

"Like every year I enjoyed this wonderful time spend together with colleagues and friends in a very nice, family atmosphere," said Alex. "We have a special feeling of unity which is also shown by the circumstances that a lot of our former colleagues traveling from all over the world back to Cologne to celebrate together with us!”

Christmas, sadly, is over in the blink of an eye and before we realise it, the first week of January is upon us and we return to the important business of winning races and making ever-better cars. We thank all our employees for the great commitment, the work carried out using that perseverance and dedication in 2017 and we are working together for an even more successful 2018! 






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We love everything about Christmas: the extended family time, the chance to spend time with friends and the excitement of finally giving out the gifts....
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