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Welcome to Research and Development

The purpose-built 2,600m² full-car and component testing area offers a comprehensive range of in-house calibration, customised component rigs, single axis test rigs, geometric measurement, centre of gravity and inertia verification, vibration testing and more.

As well as complete-vehicle testing solutions, TMG also offers various single component rigs, allowing simultaneous testing to streamline development. With rare commercially-available items such as a transmission test system, seven-post rig, a four-corner full-car road simulator, a transmission lubrication test system and rotary damper rigs, TMG has it all.

Every square metre of our extensive advanced component testing facility is accessible by overhead crane while a modular lay-out and multiple access points allow for complete confidentiality, no matter which services you require.

This also accounts for the engine and component testing rigs and engine dynamometers where you can put every element of your powerplant to the test. 

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